More than 50 projects were submitted to the Campus of the Future competition by U-M students from a wide variety of majors and backgrounds. Just how is Michigan being reimagined for the 21st century? Each and every entry is different and brings a unique perspective to the discussion.

Explore the full list of project descriptions below by category and come engage with featured entries at the project showcase on October 26, 2017.

  • Honors Leadership Capstone

    In partnership with the Honors Program, Central Student Government proposes the creation of an Honors Leadership Capstone which would serve students interested in purposefully connecting knowledge learned in the classroom with skills learned outside of it. Capstones could be defined as an experiment, project, research study or entrepreneurial venture, with a completion date of 1.5 to 2 years. Successful students would graduate with honors, and be able to display or present their capstone results for others to see. In Fall 2017, the Honors Program, in cooperation with CSG, will pilot this program for a small group of students. The HLC goes beyond the framework of rooms and buildings to impact any student enrolled in the College of LSA and, later, any student across campus.

    Categories: Curriculum Pedagogy

  • Reinventing Interdisciplinary Classes and Curricula

    Interdisciplinary, project-based courses are not new. This idea differs from what has come before by bringing together students who do not normally interact and creating an environment of cooperation to tackle contemporary problems. Such courses will be beneficial in helping young students arrive at a choice of major and will enable older students to apply their refined skills in a practical, project-based setting. The final deliverable will be comprised of a written report that details three potential elective courses designed with stakeholder feedback in consideration. The report will specifically lay out the structure of the classes and potential faculty involvement.

    Categories: Curriculum Pedagogy

  • Restructuring LSA

    This group feels that there are currently many challenges in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts application process that it may be limiting U-M students’ educational experience. To address these concerns, this project suggests several changes. The first is to create a required mini-course for all freshman students within LSA to inform them about all majors, programs and schools at Michigan. The second idea is to create certificate programs for all majors, based on the existing success of the Ross School’s Entrepreneurship and Sales tracks. This would give students who weren’t accepted into a desired major the opportunity to gain basic/foundational knowledge. The implementation of these ideas could give students within LSA a more enjoyable and well-rounded liberal arts experience.

    Categories: Curriculum Pedagogy